Lake/Pond/Lagoon Remediation – Enhanced Oxygen System


EOS-2000 Gen3 installedIncreasing Oxygen throughout Water Bodies
A proven technology providing a reliable solution to remediating wastewater lagoons, lakes and ponds by increasing dissolved oxygen supply throughout the water body cost-effectively. Increased oxygen, especially in the bottom layers, multiplies the power of the naturally present micro-organisms and bacteria to digest sludge removing the mucky base where weeds root.  Available oxygen inhibits anaerobic bacteria like E. coli and it enables chemical reactions that eliminate odour, locked-down nutrients (such as phosphorous and nitrogen) and creates an improved eco system.

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  • Municipal & industrial wastewater sewage, septage and sludge lagoons
  • Recreational lake, pond, and reservoir remediation
  • Storm water ponds
  • Aquaculture

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Raises dissolved oxygen to improve condition of water bodies
  • No chemicals used
  • Reduce organic sludge, eliminate dredging
  • Reduces turbidity and colour
  • Reduces odours & GHG emissions
  • Low energy or solar powered
  • Compact design – power supply/control unit, floating antenna
Links to water body types where EOS proven

Lake and Pond Remediation
Enhanced Wastewater Lagoon Treatment
Stormwater Pond Remediation
Reservoir Remediation

Downloads – EOS-2000
EOS-2000 Brochure PDF (1.4 MB)
Lesna Pond Case Study PDF (875 KB)
Alexandria Mill Pond Case Study PDF (902 KB)
Maroko Pond Case Study PDF (1.12 MB)
Maroko Pond Video clip
Maroko Pond Testimonials PDF (343 KB)
Impact of Oxygen on StormWater Ponds PDF (953 KB)

Government approvals and certifications

EOS-2000 Certificate of Assessment PDF (360 KB)
Ontario Ministry of Environment Certificates and Approvals for the EOS 2000 System PDF (360 KB)

Polish Fisherman’s Award DOC (179 KB)

Letters of Reference

North Glengarry Letter EOS-2000 2015 PDF (212 KB)

Act of Giving – Poland PDF (111 KB)
Greer Galloway Letter EOS-2000 at Stirling PDF (478 KB)
North Glengarry Letter EOS-2000 PDF (212 KB)
Polish Fishermans Award PDF (114 KB)
Reference Letter from the Canadian Government for work in Poland PDF (25 KB)
Reference Letter from Katowice – Feb 2009 PDF (187 KB)
Swierklaniec Reference Letter – Sept 2012 PDF (198 KB)

EOS-2000 Remediation of Maroko Pond in Katowice, Poland

Below is a TV news clip about the remediation of Maroko Pond in Katowice, Poland utilizing the EOS-2000 system.  Maroko Pond is a recreational pond in Katowice a large urban area in the industrial region of southern Poland. For many years the pond could not be used for recreation. However, after several weeks of EOS-2000 remediation treatment in the Fall of 2007 and about two months in the Spring of 2008, algae and most weeds have disappeared, the slimy organic debris on the bottom has been removed, and the water clarified. The pond is now once again open for recreational use.