ThermAer ATAD System

 An advanced 2nd Generation Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) technology for the treatment of biosolids and other organic waste. This unique “liquid composting” process, developed by Thermal Process Systems (TPS), provides intense aerobic treatment of organic slurries and produces Class “A” odour free products with high agronomic value. With more than 50 facilities operating or in the design/construction phase in the U.S. and more than five facilities operating or in the design/construction stage in Ontario, the ThermAer ATAD technology is now playing a significant role in WWTP’s and organic treatment plants as an attractive option for biosolids and organic slurry digestion/stabilization. WCI Environmental Solutions Inc. is an authorized distributor of the ThermAer system.thermaer_atad_class a solids


  • Municipal biosolids
  • Septage
  • Industrial organic waste
  • Municipal source separated organics
  • Agricultural waste

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Production of quality products – Compost compliant (subject to heavy metal content in inflow), US EPA Class A, free of pathogens and offensive odours, high agronomic value
  • Superior volatile solids destruction (up to 65-70%) and improved dewatering characteristics
  • Retrofitting of existing tanks – economical solution for increasing processing capacity and biosolids quality with existing infrastructure
  • A solution for septage management
  • Compact facility design that provides reliable, odour-free operations
  • Advanced process control, automation and energy efficiency
  • High quality filtrate from dewatering process

Services Options:

  • Equipment supply
  • Equipment supply and install
  • Design-Build turnkey
  • Operate

To request a proposal, please complete a “ThermAer Design Information Sheet” (pdf in Reference Information below) and contact WCI.

ThermAer ATAD Reference Information

ThermAer Design Information Sheet DOC (865 KB)

Agronomic evaluation of ThermAer ATAD biosolids;
greenhouse growth trials
DOC (718 KB)

Physico-chemical Properties of ThermAer Biosolids PDF (439 KB)

ThermAer ATAD Product Brochure PDF (1.76 MB)

Bowling Green, OH – WWTP Case Study PDF (1.88 MB)

Yorkville, IL – WWTP Case Study PDF (347 KB)

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