IFAT Munich 30 May to 3 June 2016

Come meet some of the WCI Environmental team at IFAT in Munich, Germany this week. Parts of the European and Canadian teams are here showing how the EOS-2000 multiplies the power of nature and prevents, protects and remediates dying bodies of water across the globe. Find us in the CANADIAN PAVILION  within the Ontario Exhibit, located in Hall A4 – Stand 105/204

We are celebrating the next wave of projects in Thailand, solving some of the countries most serious water problems.


Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg still in trouble

Despite efforts years ago, these two tremendous assets to Canada are at risk again.
Lake Erie algal bloom_1

Water Canada has an article about the problem highlighting the EOS as a possible saviour.

Addressing Phosphorus in Lake Erie With Canadian Technologies

Similarly, in the middle of country, the Global Nature Fund has identified a tragedy unfolding:

Lake Winnipeg named world’s most threatened lake

Ask your Member of Parliament, your Regional Conservation Authority or your community leader to try something different but proven to address the challenge of excess nutrients in our water bodies, the EOS-2000 helps solve the problems.

WCI wins prestigious European award – Green Leaf 2015

WCI is pleased to announce that this week at the Official Gala Award at Staszic Palace in Warsaw,  the honour of the Zielony Laur 2015 was awarded to our collegaues at WCI Natcol in appreciation for activity in environmental protection, related to restoration of lakes and reservoirs using Canadian technology – EOS 2000. The prize was presented by the Chairperson of Jury of the Zielony Laur 2015 Contest – prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Gromiec, the President of PIGE – Krzysztof Zaręba and the Deputy Chairman of Senate Environment Committee in Polish Parliament – prof. Jadwiga Rotnicka.

Among the invited special guests were Minister of Environment – prof. Jan Szyszko, the Chairman of Senate Environment Committee – Zdzisław Pupa, the Deputy Chairman of Senate Environment Committee – Alicja Zając, representatives of the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, universities, research institutes, industry, city councils, local governments and media. There were also special guests present at the Gala: Eileen Gricuk – Executive Director of the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Ewa Cichocka – Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada to Poland, who congratulated WCI NATCOL and WCI Environmental Solutions on receiving this prestigious award.

The Gala programme included speeches (by the President of PIGE – Krzysztof Zaręba, the Chairperson of Jury of the Zielony Laur 2015 Contest – prof. Marek Gromiec and  the Minister of Environmental Protection – Jan Szyszko).

PIGE – Zielony Laur 2015 official site: WCI with Ewa and Eileen http://bit.ly/green_leaf_awardZielony Laur statuette and diplomaInstallations in Poland Jan 2016


Showcasing EOS-2000 Gen3 success

EOS-2000 Gen3 China

EOS-2000 Gen3 Hainan China

Over the next few months, WCI Environmental is showcasing the most recent generation of the powerful, compact, advanced aeration and oxygenation system, the EOS-2000.
At the following events WCI will have equipment and people to help municipalities and industry understand how to multiply the power of nature as done recently in Toronto, China, and Poland.

TRIECA 23-24 March 2016 in Toronto
WEAO & OPCEA 10-12 April 2016 in Niagara Falls
IFAT Munich from 30 May to 3 June 2016 in Munich, Germany

We look forward to seeing you


Impressive Results from Coboconk Sewage Lagoon

After 7 weeks of operation, the results from the EOS-2000 operation at Coboconk continue to impress our partners at OCWA and the City of Kawartha Lakes. More than 60% of the total sludge eliminated through aerobic digestion using the inherent bacteria and micro-organisms of sewage.

Another example of the EOS-2000 multiplying the power of nature.

Coboconk Results for 7 weeks


World Oceans Day

Celebrate and honour our largest bodies of water that are critical to human survival. Did you know that the world’s oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe?

Like millions of people around the world, here in Canada we join in the celebration.

At WCI Environmental, we are multiplying the power of nature by making the oxygen in water more available for micro-organisms to digest sludge, to reduce e. coli and to lock down nutrients and metals.  And we can help fix Dead Zones in lakes and oceans with the zero-chemical Enhanced Oxygen System.

Do you want to sponsor a an EOS deployment and contribute to healthier lakes and oceans? Contact us.

StormWater Pond causing trouble? EOS solves it

WEAO StormWater Ponds Technical Paper

Increased oxygen resulted in a reduced amount of macrophyte and algae growth. As well, the seasonal cycle was reduced in its length. Full algal blooms did not occur in 2012 and a rapid  erobic digestion of the organic decaying plants in the pond was observed. Swamps odours (of rotting algae and dying macrophytes) were reduced, implying aerobic digestion at the sediment.