WCI Environmental Solutions Inc. is an Ottawa-based environmental engineering company that works with government sectors, industries, educational institutions and other clients to put in place comprehensive, innovative solutions for pressing environmental problems that are affordable, sustainable, and practical for the community.

WCI was founded on the principle of utilizing the dynamic nature of AEROBIC PROCESSES and we use advanced technologies to accelerate nature’s cleaning process in the treatment of water and wastewater, organic waste and biosolids resulting in:

Zielony Laur statuette and diploma

Zielony Laur 2015 Award for Sustainable Water Remediation

  • healthy ecological systems
  • clean water
  • productive soil
  • restoring the environment to a condition in which the community can thrive and live in balance with their land and water
“We provide innovative, non-invasive and integrated sustainable solutions to environmental waste problems using the dynamic nature of aerobic processes to promote healthy and thriving ecosystems.”